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Drainage, structure construction, public utility construction, earthworks, embankment construction, flood protection, dredging, shore protection, retaining wall, sheeting, sheetpile beating, reservoir construction, civil engineering, water management

Company History

The Hungarian Hydraulic Engineering Zrt. was established on 1 January 2009 by merging its legal predecessor Éduviz Kft. and Épvizkör Kft.
The main activities of the Company are civil engineering and hydraulic engineering.

By merging the predecessor companies, the owners want to increase the quality of services and make better use of existing and in the future further expanding resources.

The aim of the Company is to participate in the implementation of developments that are in line with the Hungarian national economic goals and the EU expectations towards Hungary.

In this context, it seeks to protect, improve and restore artificial and heavily modified waters furthermore to ensure that waters are regulated based on the best available techniques and to achieve their appropriate ecological potential. In addition to the above, the introduction of alternative irrigation systems and the preservation and expansion of existing capacities in connection with climate change play an important role in the scope of the Company's activities.

The Hungarian Hydraulic Engineering Zrt. performs its economic, business, construction, mechanical and service tasks under the management of the CEO, in cooperation with regional and service groups.

Magyar VízépítőMagyar Vízépítő

Our References

  • Tiszasüly reservoir embankment construction works, 2012
  • Arrangement of Gyáli-stream, 2012
  • Danube project – Tass-Szigetújfalu, Szigetújfalu-Csepel embankment development, 2013
  • Danube project – embankment development of Váli-water, Szentlászló-stream, 2013
  • Győr – participation in flood protection, 2013
  • Visegrád – flood protection development: mobile dam construction 2014–2015 phase I.
  • Nagymaros – construction of flood protection mobile dam, 2014
  • Kisvarsány – flood protection embankment construction, 2015
  • Ronyvazug – flood protection embankment construction, 2015
  • Zimány – development of the drinking water network, 2015

Hydraulic Engineering

The lowland and hilly water drainage works prepared by us ensure the drainage of the falling rainwater without damage and its delivery to the receiver.

Earth and Stone Works

We have built and build flood protection earthworks – embankments, spoil areas – on the Danube, Mosoni-Danube, Rába, Tisza and other smaller watercourses and lakes.

Construction of Structures

The name of Hungarian Hydraulic Engineering Zrt. is associated with hundreds of constructed and renovated structures, which authentically reflects the expertise of our professionals and the diversity of their resources.

Disaster Response

Since the establishment of the Company, we have been actively involved in flood protection in all parts of the country.

Special Activities

We perform sheetpile excavation delimitation and related dewatering tasks with various sheetpiles. It is also used to support the walls of built-in, narrow excavations (Pápa, Elekthermax Hall).

Public Utility Construction

In several places we carried out full-scale and partial sewerage, public water supply, and built line-type public utilities both indoors and outdoors (e.g. Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár, Tata, Ács, Akasztó).

Other Activities

Our road construction and pavement construction works are primarily related to our other types of civil engineering works. Our surface construction facilities are also related to our civil engineering works.

Magyar Vizepito
Magyar Vízépítő Zrt.
Areas of activity
Technical equipment
Quality assurance
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